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Last updated:05 December 2023, 10:46:18
Area list 
AreaArea DescriptionParentAreaParent Area Description
21.0NAFO subarea 21.021Northwest Atlantic
21.1NAFO subarea 21.121Northwest Atlantic
21.2NAFO subarea 21.221Northwest Atlantic
21.3NAFO subarea 21.321Northwest Atlantic
21.4NAFO subarea 21.421Northwest Atlantic
21.5NAFO subarea 21.521Northwest Atlantic
21.6NAFO subarea 21.621Northwest Atlantic
27.1Barents Sea27Atlantic, Northeast
27.1.aBarents Sea - NEAFC Regulatory Area27.1Barents Sea
27.1.bBarents Sea Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.1Barents Sea
27.1.coasBarents Sea - coastal27Atlantic, Northeast
27.10Azores Grounds27Atlantic, Northeast
27.10.aAzores Grounds27.10Azores Grounds
27.10.a.1Azores Grounds - Parts of the NEAFC Regulatory Area27.10.aAzores Grounds
27.10.a.2Azores Grounds Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.10.aAzores Grounds
27.10.bNortheast Atlantic South27.10Azores Grounds
27.12North of Azores27Atlantic, Northeast
27.12.aSouthern mid-Atlantic Ridge (Southern Reykjanes Ridge south to Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone)27.12North of Azores
27.12.a.1Subdivision XIIa1 - NEAFC Regulatory Area27.12.aSouthern mid-Atlantic Ridge (Southern Reykjanes Ridge south to Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone)
27.12.a.2Subdivision XIIa2 - NEAFC Regulatory Area27.12.aSouthern mid-Atlantic Ridge (Southern Reykjanes Ridge south to Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone)
27.12.a.3Subdivision XIIa3 Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.12.aSouthern mid-Atlantic Ridge (Southern Reykjanes Ridge south to Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone)
27.12.a.4Subdivision XIIa4 Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.12.aSouthern mid-Atlantic Ridge (Southern Reykjanes Ridge south to Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone)
27.12.bPart of North of Azores27.12North of Azores
27.12.cCentral Northeast Atlantic - South27.12North of Azores
27.14East Greenland27Atlantic, Northeast
27.14.aNorth-east Greenland27.14East Greenland
27.14.bSouth-east Greenland27.14East Greenland
27.14.b.1Southeast Greenland - Parts of NEAFC Regulatory Area27.14.bSouth-east Greenland
27.14.b.2Southeast Greenland Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.14.bSouth-east Greenland
27.2Norwegian Sea Spitzbergen & Bear Island27Atlantic, Northeast
27.2.aNorwegian Sea27.2Norwegian Sea Spitzbergen & Bear Island
27.2.a.1Norwegian Sea - NEAFC Regulatory Area (Division IIa1)27.2.aNorwegian Sea
27.2.a.2Norwegian Sea Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area (Division IIa2)27.2.aNorwegian Sea
27.2.a.exExcluding Division IIa west of 5 degrees W27.2.aNorwegian Sea
27.2.a.inIncluding Division IIa west of 5 degrees W27.2.aNorwegian Sea
27.2.bSpitzbergen and Bear Island27.2Norwegian Sea Spitzbergen & Bear Island
27.2.b.1Spitzbergen and Bear Island - NEAFC Regulatory Area27.2.bSpitzbergen and Bear Island
27.2.b.2Spitzbergen and Bear Island Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.2.bSpitzbergen and Bear Island
27.2.coasNorwegian Sea Spitzbergen & Bear Island - coastal27Atlantic, Northeast
27.3Skagerak Kattegat Sound Belt & Baltic Sea27Atlantic, Northeast
27.3.aKattegat and Skagerrak27.3Skagerak Kattegat Sound Belt & Baltic Sea
27.3.a.20Skagerrak27.3.aKattegat and Skagerrak
27.3.a.21Kattegat27.3.aKattegat and Skagerrak
27.3.a.nshmIIIa only for horse mackerel North Sea stock27.3.aKattegat and Skagerrak
27.3.bSound27.3Skagerak Kattegat Sound Belt & Baltic Sea
27.3.cBelt Sea27.3Skagerak Kattegat Sound Belt & Baltic Sea
27.3.c.22Belt sea27.3.cBelt Sea
27.3.dBaltic Sea27.3Skagerak Kattegat Sound Belt & Baltic Sea
27.3.d.24Baltic West of Bornholm27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.27West of Gotland27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland27.3.dBaltic Sea
27.4North Sea27Atlantic, Northeast
27.4.aNorthern North Sea27.4North Sea
27.4.a.eNorthern North Sea - East27.4.aNorthern North Sea
27.4.a.nshmIVa only for horse mackerel North Sea stock27.4.aNorthern North Sea
27.4.a.wNorthern North Sea - West27.4.aNorthern North Sea
27.4.bCentral North Sea27.4North Sea
27.4.b.eCentral North Sea - East27.4.bCentral North Sea
27.4.b.wCentral North Sea - West27.4.bCentral North Sea
27.4.cSouthern North Sea27.4North Sea
27.4.outFUArea outside the FU zones in sub-area IV27.4North Sea
27.5Iceland and Faroes Grounds27Atlantic, Northeast
27.5.aIceland Grounds27.5Iceland and Faroes Grounds
27.5.a.1Northern Reykjanes Ridge27.5.aIceland Grounds
27.5.a.2Icelandic Shelf 27.5.aIceland Grounds
27.5.a.2.nIcelandic Shelf North27.5.a.2Icelandic Shelf
27.5.a.2.sIcelandic Shelf South27.5.a.2Icelandic Shelf
27.5.bFaroes Grounds27.5Iceland and Faroes Grounds
27.5.b.1Faroe Plateau27.5.bFaroes Grounds
27.5.b.1.aParts of Division Vb1 within the NEAFC Regulatory Area (SW corner)27.5.b.1Faroe Plateau
27.5.b.1.bParts of Division Vb1 Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area (Remaining large part of Vb1)27.5.b.1Faroe Plateau
27.5.b.2Faroe Bank27.5.bFaroes Grounds
27.6NW coast of Scotland & N.Ireland Rockall27Atlantic, Northeast
27.6.aNW coast of Scotland & N. Ireland27.6NW coast of Scotland & N.Ireland Rockall
27.6.a.nNW coast of Scotland & N.Ireland - North27.6.aNW coast of Scotland & N. Ireland
27.6.a.sNW coast of Scotland & N.Ireland - South27.6.aNW coast of Scotland & N. Ireland
27.6.bRockall27.6NW coast of Scotland & N.Ireland Rockall
27.6.b.1Rockall - Part of NEAFC area27.6.bRockall
27.6.b.2Rockall - Non-NEAFC area27.6.bRockall
27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West27Atlantic, Northeast
27.7.aIrish Sea27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.a.nIrish Sea - North27.7.aIrish Sea
27.7.a.sIrish Sea - South27.7.aIrish Sea
27.7.bWest of Ireland27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.cPorcupine Bank27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.c.1Porcupine Bank - NEAFC Regulatory Area27.7.cPorcupine Bank
27.7.c.2Porcupine Bank - Non-NEAFC Area27.7.cPorcupine Bank
27.7.dEastern English Channel27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.eWestern English Channel27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.fBristol Channel27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.gCeltic Sea North27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.hCeltic Sea South27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.jSouth-west of Ireland - East27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.j.1Southwest of Ireland - East - Parts of the NEAFC Area27.7.jSouth-west of Ireland - East
27.7.j.2Southwest of Ireland - East - Non-NEAFC Area27.7.jSouth-west of Ireland - East
27.7.kSouth-west of Ireland - West27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
27.7.k.1Southwest of Ireland - West - Part of the NEAFC Area27.7.kSouth-west of Ireland - West
27.7.k.2Southwest of Ireland - West - Non-NEAFC Area27.7.kSouth-west of Ireland - West
27.8Bay of Biscay27Atlantic, Northeast
27.8.aBay of Biscay - North27.8Bay of Biscay
27.8.bBay of Biscay - Central27.8Bay of Biscay
27.8.cBay of Biscay - South27.8Bay of Biscay
27.8.c.eBay of Biscay - South east27.8.cBay of Biscay - South
27.8.c.wBay of Biscay - South west27.8.cBay of Biscay - South
27.8.dBay of Biscay - Offshore27.8Bay of Biscay
27.8.d.1Bay of Biscay - Offshore - Parts in NEAFC Regulatory Area27.8.dBay of Biscay - Offshore
27.8.d.2Bay of Biscay - Offshore - Non-NEAFC Area27.8.dBay of Biscay - Offshore
27.8.eWest of Bay of Biscay27.8Bay of Biscay
27.8.e.1West of Bay of Biscay - Parts in NEAFC Regulatory Area27.8.eWest of Bay of Biscay
27.8.e.2West of Bay of Biscay - Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.8.eWest of Bay of Biscay
27.9Portuguese Waters27Atlantic, Northeast
27.9.aPortuguese Waters - East27.9Portuguese Waters
27.9.a.cPortuguese Waters - Central27.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
27.9.a.c.nPortuguese Waters - Central north27.9.a.cPortuguese Waters - Central
27.9.a.c.sPortuguese Waters - Central south27.9.a.cPortuguese Waters - Central
27.9.a.nPortuguese Waters - North (Spanish Galician waters)27.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
27.9.a.sPortuguese Waters - South (Portuguese and Spanish waters)27.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
27.9.a.s.aPortuguese Waters - South - Algave27.9.a.sPortuguese Waters - South (Portuguese and Spanish waters)
27.9.a.s.cPortuguese Waters - South - Cadiz (Spanish waters)27.9.a.sPortuguese Waters - South (Portuguese and Spanish waters)
27.9.bPortuguese Waters - West27.9Portuguese Waters
27.9.b.1Portuguese Waters - West Parts in NEAFC Regulatory Area27.9.bPortuguese Waters - West
27.9.b.2Portuguese Waters - West Non-NEAFC Regulatory Area27.9.bPortuguese Waters - West
28E1Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
28E2Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
29E1Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
29E2Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
30E1Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
30E2Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
30E3Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
31D5Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
31D6Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
31D9Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
31E0Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
31E1Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
31E2Not SetFU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)
31E3Not SetFU.22Celtic Sea (FU22)
31E4Not SetFU.22Celtic Sea (FU22)
31F1Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
31F2Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
31F3Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
32D5Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
32D6Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
32D7Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
32D8Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
32D9Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
32E0Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
32E1Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
32E2Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
32E3Not SetFU.22Celtic Sea (FU22)
32F1Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
32F2Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
32F3Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
33D5Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
33D6Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
33D7Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
33D8Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
33D9Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
33E0Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
33E2Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
33E3Not SetFU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)
33F1Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
33F2Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
33F3Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
33F4Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
34.1Northern Coastal34Atlantic, Eastern Central
34.1.1Morocco Coastal34.1Northern Coastal
34.1.11Morocco Coastal - North34.1.1Morocco Coastal
34.1.2Canaries/Madeira Insular34.1Northern Coastal
34D5Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
34D6Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
34D7Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
34D8Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
34D9Not SetFU.17Aran Grounds FU 17
34E0Not SetFU.17Aran Grounds FU 17
34F0Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
34F1Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
34F2Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
34F3Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
34F4Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
34F5Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
35D5Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
35D6Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
35D7Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
35D8Not SetFU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)
35D9Not SetFU.17Aran Grounds FU 17
35E0Not SetFU.17Aran Grounds FU 17
35E4Not SetFU.15Irish Sea West FU 15
35E5Not SetFU.15Irish Sea West FU 15
35E6Not SetFU.14Irish Sea East FU 14
35F0Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
35F1Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
35F2Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
35F3Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
35F4Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
35F5Not Set27.4.cSouthern North Sea
36D9Not SetFU.18North West Ireland FU 18
36E0Not SetFU.18North West Ireland FU 18
36E4Not SetFU.15Irish Sea West FU 15
36E5Not SetFU.15Irish Sea West FU 15
36E6Not SetFU.14Irish Sea East FU 14
36F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
36F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37.1Western Mediterranean37Mediterranean and Black Sea
37.1.1Balearic37.1Western Mediterranean
37D9Not SetFU.18North West Ireland FU 18
37E0Not SetFU.18North West Ireland FU 18
37E1Not SetFU.18North West Ireland FU 18
37E4Not SetFU.15Irish Sea West FU 15
37E5Not SetFU.15Irish Sea West FU 15
37E6Not SetFU.14Irish Sea East FU 14
37E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
37G2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
37G3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
37G4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
37G5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
37G5Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
37G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
37G6Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
37G8Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
37G9Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
38E5Not SetFU.14Irish Sea East FU 14
38E6Not SetFU.14Irish Sea East FU 14
38E8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
38G2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G5Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
38G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G6Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
38G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G7Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
38G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G8Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
38G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
38G9Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
39E4Not SetFU.13Firth of Clyde + Sound of Jura, FU 13
39E5Not SetFU.13Firth of Clyde + Sound of Jura, FU 13
39E8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
39G2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G5Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
39G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G6Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
39G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G7Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
39G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G8Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
39G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39G9Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
39H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
39H0Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
40E4Not SetFU.13Firth of Clyde + Sound of Jura, FU 13
40E5Not SetFU.13Firth of Clyde + Sound of Jura, FU 13
40E8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
40G4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40G4Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
40G5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40G5Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
40G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40G6Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
40G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40G7Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
40G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40G8Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
40G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40G9Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
40H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
40H0Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
40H1Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
41E2Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
41E3Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
41E4Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
41E7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41E8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F0Not SetFU.34Devil's Hole, FU 34
41F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F1Not SetFU.34Devil's Hole, FU 34
41F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
41G4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41G4Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
41G5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41G5Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
41G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41G6Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
41G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41G7Not Set27.3.d.25Southern Central Baltic - West
41G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41G8Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
41G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41G9Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
41H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
41H0Not Set27.3.d.26Southern Central Baltic - East
42E2Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
42E3Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
42E4Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
42E7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42E8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F0Not SetFU.34Devil's Hole, FU 34
42F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F1Not SetFU.34Devil's Hole, FU 34
42F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42F8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
42G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
42G6Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
42G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
42G7Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
42G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
42G8Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
42G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
42G9Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
42H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
42H0Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
42H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
42H1Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
43E2Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
43E3Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
43E4Not SetFU.12South Minch FU 12
43E8Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43E9Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F0Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F0Not SetFU.34Devil's Hole, FU 34
43F1Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F1Not SetFU.34Devil's Hole, FU 34
43F2Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F3Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F4Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F5Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F6Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43F7Not Set27.4.bCentral North Sea
43G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43G6Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
43G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43G7Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
43G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43G8Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
43G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43G9Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
43H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43H0Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
43H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43H1Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
43H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43H3Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
43H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
43H4Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
44E3Not SetFU.11North Minch FU11
44E4Not SetFU.11North Minch FU11
44G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44G6Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
44G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44G7Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
44G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44G8Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
44G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44G9Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
44H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44H0Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
44H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44H1Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
44H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44H2Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
44H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44H3Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
44H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
44H4Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
45E3Not SetFU.11North Minch FU11
45E4Not SetFU.11North Minch FU11
45G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45G6Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
45G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45G7Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
45G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45G8Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
45G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45G9Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
45H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45H0Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
45H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45H1Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
45H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45H2Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
45H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45H3Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
45H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
45H4Not Set27.3.d.28East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga
46E3Not SetFU.11North Minch FU11
46E4Not SetFU.11North Minch FU11
46G6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46G6Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
46G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46G7Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
46G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46G8Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
46G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46G9Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
46H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46H0Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
46H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46H1Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
46H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46H2Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
46H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
46H3Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
47G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
47G8Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
47G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
47G9Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
47H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
47H0Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
47H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
47H1Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
47H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
47H2Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
47H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
47H3Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48G8Not Set27.3.d.27West of Gotland
48G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48G9Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
48H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H0Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
48H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H1Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
48H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H2Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
48H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H3Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H4Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48H5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H5Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48H6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H6Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48H7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H7Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48H8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H8Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
48H9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
48H9Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
49G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49G8Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
49G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49G9Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
49H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H0Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
49H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H1Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
49H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H2Not Set27.3.d.29Archipelago Sea
49H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H4Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
49H5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H5Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
49H6Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H6Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
49H7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H7Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
49H8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H8Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
49H9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
49H9Not Set27.3.d.32Gulf of Finland
50G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
50G7Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
50G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
50G8Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
50G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
50G9Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
50H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
50H0Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
50H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
50H1Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
51G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
51G7Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
51G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
51G8Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
51G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
51G9Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
51H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
51H0Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
51H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
51H1Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
52G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
52G7Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
52G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
52G8Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
52G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
52G9Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
52H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
52H0Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
52H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
52H1Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
53G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
53G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
53G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
53H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
53H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
54G7Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
54G7Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
54G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
54G8Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
54G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
54G9Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
54H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
54H0Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
54H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
54H1Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
55G8Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
55G8Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
55G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
55G9Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
55H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
55H0Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
55H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
55H1Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
55H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
55H2Not Set27.3.d.30Bothnian Sea
56G9Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
56G9Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
56H0Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
56H0Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
56H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
56H1Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
56H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
56H2Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
56H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
56H3Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
57H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
57H1Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
57H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
57H2Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
57H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
57H3Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
57H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
57H4Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
58H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
58H1Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
58H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
58H2Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
58H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
58H3Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
58H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
58H4Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
59H1Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
59H1Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
59H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
59H2Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
59H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
59H3Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
59H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
59H4Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
59H5Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
59H5Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
60H2Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
60H2Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
60H3Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
60H3Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
60H4Not Set27.3.dBaltic Sea
60H4Not Set27.3.d.31Bothnian Bay
FU.11North Minch FU1127.7.aIrish Sea
FU.12South Minch FU 1227.7.aIrish Sea
FU.13Firth of Clyde + Sound of Jura, FU 1327.7.aIrish Sea
FU.14Irish Sea East FU 1427.7.aIrish Sea
FU.15Irish Sea West FU 1527.7.aIrish Sea
FU.16Porcupine Bank (FU 16)27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
FU.17Aran Grounds FU 1727.7.bWest of Ireland
FU.18North West Ireland FU 1827.7.bWest of Ireland
FU.19South and South West ireland (FU 19)27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
FU.20-21Celtic Sea (FU 20-21)27.7Irish Sea to South-west of Ireland - West
FU.22Celtic Sea (FU22)27.7.gCeltic Sea North
FU.23-24Bay of Biscay (FU 23-24)27.8Bay of Biscay
FU.25Southern Bay of Biscay and northern Galicia27.8.cBay of Biscay - South
FU.26West Galicia, FU2627.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
FU.27North Portugal (N og Cape Espichel), FU2727.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
FU.28-29Southwest Portugal (Alentejo) and South Portugal (Algarve), FU28-2927.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
FU.30Gulf of Cadiz, FU3027.9.aPortuguese Waters - East
FU.31Southern Bay of Biscay and Cantabrian Sea27.8.cBay of Biscay - South
FU.32Norwegian Deep (FU 32)27.4North Sea
FU.5Botney Cut Silver Pit (FU5)27.4North Sea
SA.1North Sea, Dogger Bank, SA127.4North Sea
SA.2Southeast North Sea, SA227.4North Sea
SA.3Centraleast North Sea, SA327.4North Sea
SA.4Sandeel Area 4, Divisions 4.a, and 4.b (northern and central North Sea)27.4North Sea
SA.5North Sea, Viking and Bergen Bank, SA527.4North Sea
SA.6Sandeel Area 6, Subdivision 21 (Kattegat)27.3Skagerak Kattegat Sound Belt & Baltic Sea
SA.7North Sea, Shetland Area, SA727.4North Sea

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